About Us

Senior Settlement Services is a full service title and settlement company.  Senior Settlement Service’s parent company, Equity Settlement Services, has been servicing the needs of lenders in 38 states for over 25 years. 

Senior Settlement Services was formed exclusively to service the unique requirements of the Reverse Mortgage Industry and is operated by attorneys and employees whom have been a part of the Reverse Mortgage industry since 1998.

Senior Settlement Services provides a unique service whereby our lender partners, through their own separate and private password, can access the Senior Settlement Services’ website and be provided with an instant, 100% GUARANTEED, closing fee.  These closing fees are tailored for each and every state and county in which Senior Settlement Services is licensed.  As long as the loan information is accurately entered by our lender partner, Senior Settlement Services will GUARANTEE 100% of all closing and settlement fees.  This policy enables our lender partner to fully satisfy all HUD disclosure requirements immediately.

Senior Settlement Services will handle all aspects of the settlement process, from providing application notary services, which ensures our lender partner are receiving a complete and timely loan application, to closing and funding services throughout the entire Reverse Mortgage process.

Senior Settlement Services is sensitive to the needs of the senior borrower and will provide seasoned notaries/closers with a full knowledge of the Reverse Mortgage documents required to be executed at closing.  Experienced Reverse Mortgage Attorneys will be available during each closing to answer any questions the senior borrower or the notary/closer may have.

We are attorneys

One of Senior Settlement Services’ largest differentiators is that we are attorneys. Senior Settlement is owned and managed by attorneys with a vast knowledge of the Reverse Mortgage product and settlement procedures.  Paul N. Lovegrove, Esq. is such an Attorney.  Mr. Lovegrove has been representing lenders for reverse closings since 1998 and is well regarded within the industry for his expertise in the area of trust review.  As one of the leaders of Senior Settlement Services, Mr. Lovegrove will always be available to lend his expertise to manage any issue which may present itself during the entire settlement process.

Trust Review / Attorney Opinion Letters

Paul N. Lovegrove, Esq. has written the trust guidelines for multiple lenders.  As such he will lend his unique expertise to review all trusts that our lender partners provide to ensure they meet HECM and lender guidelines.  In addition, Mr. Lovegrove has been in the forefront of lender acceptance of Irrevocable Trusts and has been instrumental in many lenders’ decision to allow such trusts.  It is because of his expertise in this area that many lenders are enjoying greater profits by being able to close loans previously thought not to be allowed under HECM guidelines.

Application Notary Services

Upon our lender partner’s request, Senior Settlement Services will provide a seasoned Reverse Mortgage closer/notary to meet with the senior borrower and supervise the signing of the Reverse Mortgage application and other required application documents.  This service ensures that our lender partner receives a timely and complete reverse mortgage application.  This service is paid for by the senior borrower if and when the loan actually closes.  In the case of a question arising at closing, an experienced Reverse Mortgage attorney is available for any question or issue which may arise.

Title Issues

Senior Settlement Services has a full clearance department dedicated to proactively clearing any title issues which may arise after review.  The professionals at Senior Settlement Services will go the extra mile to ensure that title issues are cleared in a timely fashion. As experts in the reverse mortgage industry we are able to identify and address the unique title issues which are presented on the reverse mortgage transaction.